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Zack Hutchins
Director of Communications

June 10, 1999 

Silver urges sweeping health-care package

Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver Wednesday proposed a "Health Care Reform Act 2000 " that would:

Increase state aid to hospitals and create a new government-funded health insurance plan for some 300,000 adult New Yorkers.

Expand support for graduate medical education by increasing the funding to account for inflation.

Affect HMOs by establishing a guaranty fund for unpaid claims, mandating new payment practices for insurers, and reducing HMOs' ability to make health-care decisions.

The $2.85 billion plan reportedly would be funded with funds from the tobacco settlement.

The Business Council has been urging lawmakers to let a $1.38 billion "temporary" tax expire on schedule at the end of this year. That tax was created by the Health Care Reform Act of 1996 (HCRA).

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