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Zack Hutchins
Director of Communications

April 29, 1999 

Assembly to sponsor hearings on bolstering upstate economy

The Assembly has scheduled public hearings in May in Buffalo, Rochester, Syracuse and Albany to examine proposals to improve the upstate economy. The Council plans to testify.

Citing tax cuts, reduced workers' compensation rates, and reduced-rate power available for job creation and retention under the Power for Jobs program, the Assembly's hearing announcement said the state's economy has improved.

However, the state still lags the rest of the nation in job creation, and some upstate regions have lost jobs, the announcement added.

The hearings are intended to examine proposals to reinvigorate the upstate economy and help existing businesses and would-be entrepreneurs.

To enhance New York's economy, The Business Council is urging tort reform, health-care cost containment, tax cuts, workforce development, and brownfield-redevelopment legislation.

In addition, The Business Council and a number of other groups have advanced proposals to enhance the upstate economy.

Last fall, The Council proposed the Upstate Agenda for Growth, which urged lawmakers to reduce energy costs, accelerate existing tax cuts, enhance workforce development, repeal mandates in order to lower property taxes, pre-approve potential business sites, and market New York's economic progress to businesses and economic development professionals both inside and outside New York.

Hearings are set for May 7 (Buffalo), May 11 (Albany), May 14 (Rochester) and May 20 (Syracuse). The hearings will be conducted by Robin Schimminger (D-Buffalo), chair of the Assembly Committee on Economic Development, Job Creation, Commerce and Industry, and Joseph Morelle (D-Rochester), chair of the Assembly Com-mittee on Small Business.