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Zack Hutchins
Director of Communications

April 29, 1999 

Council prints, markets Pataki's talk

The Business Council has reprinted Governor Pataki's April 15 testimony before Congress in a brochure for economic development and site-selection professionals.

Why NY Cut Taxes

Governor Pataki told the House Committee on Government Reform about New York's economic decline in recent decades, how high taxes drove that decline, and the state's recent efforts to reverse the decline.

The Council reprinted 3,000 copies of it in brochures entitled Why New York Cut Taxes . . . And What That's Done for Our State's Economy.

Some 1,000 copies were distributed at the World Congress of the International Development Research Council April 25-28 in Boston. Each year, this is a top meeting of economic developers and site-selection professionals.

The brochure's purpose was to spread the word about New York's achievements.

"Business people outside New York have no idea of the scale and significance of the changes you've made," Business Council President Daniel B. Walsh said in a letter to the Governor.

Click here to view The Governor's testimony.