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Zack Hutchins
Director of Communications

March 10, 1999 

Bruno seeks still more tax cuts, urges spending restraint;
Walsh joins Senator in call to focus on tax cuts, not spending

Senate Majority Leader Joseph Bruno Tuesday unveiled a major expansion of his own proposal to again reduce New York State taxes.

He also urged lawmakers to limit spending, noting that spending sprees in previous years had forced tax increases to cover the spending.

The new tax-cut plan includes many business priorities, including cuts to the state's energy taxes, ton mileage tax, alternative minimum tax (AMT) and petroleum business tax.

Business Council President Daniel B. Walsh joined Senator Bruno at a news conference on Tuesday and praised both the new tax-cut proposal and the call for spending restraint.

"These new tax cuts will make it possible for New York businesses to create and keep still more jobs in the Empire State," Walsh said.

"Senator Bruno is also right to urge spending restraint," he added. "In education and health care, New York is already a national leader in spending. The Governor is aiming at the right target: a spending increase less than the rate of inflation."

Senator Bruno's new proposal would add $300 million in new tax cuts to the $795 million tax-cut plan he announced in December. Fully enacted, his plan would eventually return $1.1 billion to taxpayers.

The full Senate tax-cut package includes the following proposals:

Senator Bruno said the new tax cuts would help New York recover from years when "we spent too much, and then we had to tax too much to pay for the spending."

He said the Legislature must limit its additions to the spending levels already included in Governor Pataki's budget.

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