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Managed Care Is Containing the Cost, and Improving the Quality, of New Yorkers' Health Care

The real challenge facing New York's health-care system — high costs, too many uninsured and the need to raise quality standards—are usually ignored in today's debate. Managed care is criticized, oftan and harshly. Yet, in many ways, it's our best hope for meeting those challenges. (Introduction)

How to make New Yorkers healthier? Preventive, primary and comprehensive care are the most important answers. Managed care excels at those very things—not that you'd know it from the new media, which often focus on the bad news. (Section 1)

Health-care costs in New York are far too high—22 percent above the national average, and rising. Those high costs are a prime reason our uninsured population rose at nearly triple the national rate from 1991 to 1996; they are the single biggest obstacle to better health care for millions of New Yorkers. (Section 2)

Managed care organizations and the corporations that provide much of their clientele are—along with New York State's Health Department—leading unprecedented efforts to measure and improve quality of care. (Section 3)

New York State policies should focus on reducing the cost of health care and making it possible for more employers to provide health insurance, rather than on nitpicking existing coverage. (Section 4)

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