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March 20 Special Elections

The results of yesterday’s special elections for one state senate seat and four assembly seats are almost all in with two races too close to call:

District Candidate Name Lines
Senate 27 David Storobin R, C
Senate 27 Lew Fidler D, I
Assembly 93 Shelley Mayer D, WFP, I
Assembly 93 Donnamarie Nolan* R
Assembly 100 Frank Skartados D, WFP
Assembly 100 John Forman R, C, I
Assembly 103 Didi Barrett D, WFP
Assembly 103 Richard Wager R, C, I
Assembly 145 Christopher Fahey D, C, WFP
Assembly 145 Michael Kearns R, I

*Nolan will remain on the ballot but will not actively campaign.

D Democrat
R Republican
C Conservative
I Independence
WFP Working Families Party