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Basic Plans Provide high quality, low-cost coverage for preventive and general services.
Overlay Plans Provide full-service coverage including preventive, general and major services. Orthodontia benefit options for dependent children are also available. Covered persons are not required to go to a participating dentist; but if they do, First Ameritas' network offers savings significantly below prevailing fees.
Dental Choice Plans Provide maximum freedom of choice to employees, who may elect to be covered under a high quality, low-cost Basic Plan or a full-service Overlay Plan.
Voluntary Plans Provide employee paid coverage for groups of 50 or more eligible employees with lower participation requirements than traditional contributory plans and with the additional advantage of paying for these benefits with pre-tax dollars.
Dental Rewards Provides a reward for insureds who care for their teeth and only use a portion of their maximum benefit during the calendar year by increasing their maximum benefit in succeeding years. All of our dental plans include this important feature.