Workers' Compensation Committee Update, August 27, 2010

Board Issues WAMO Guidelines

The Special Disability Fund Advisory Committee of the Workers' Comp Board approved guidelines at its last meeting for the process to be followed by the Waiver Agreement Management Office in negotiating waiver agreements under WCL 32. WAMO's purpose is to resolve claims involving the Special Disability Fund, which was closed to new cases as part of the 2007 reforms. WAMO's jurisdiction extends to cases with established Special Disability Fund liability under both the second injury fund and the concurrent employment fund. The WAMO guidelines can be found here.

(Is it just me who can't help but think of that George Michael 80's pop band WHAM! every time WAMO is referenced?)

Heard Through the Grapevine

Several Business Council members have participated in BETA testing of the on-line training developed by the Board, in conjunction with the Medical Society of New York State, for the medical treatment guidelines. Initial feedback on the modules has been positive --with BETA testers reporting that the content and flow of the training met and or exceeded their expectations. The Board anticipates going live with training in late September, and as training schedules are released, we will keep Business Council members informed.