Travel and Tourism Committee Update
April 29, 2013

Division of Tourism

The Travel and Tourism Committee met last Friday, April 26 in Albany and had a chance to hear from Gavin Landry, the new Executive Director of the Division of Tourism. Gavin gave an update on I Love NY, funding provided for in the budget, programs the Governor has expressed a desire to do and the media plan for the remainder of 2013.

Landry also made brief mention of a Tourism Summit, similar to the Yogurt and the Beer, Wine and Spirits Summit he held in 2012. Glenn Blain of The Daily News reported that the Governor, during his appearance on the Susan Arbetter show today, said “The goal of the Summit, will be to foster greater cooperation among the state and local governments and with private sector interests.”

Please send me any comments or concerns you think the Administration should focus on during this summit. Comments should be sent by this Friday, May 3rd.

ACTION on May 17

There will be an industry led follow-up on May 17 at Destiny USA in Syracuse, NY. This follow-up meeting, dubbed ACTION, will focus on adding any details necessary to carry out agenda items that originate from the Governor's Summit to take immediate action for the benefit of the Industry, the State and our local communities.

More information will be forwarded to you as it becomes available. In the meantime, if you would like more information or to get involved in ACTION, please contact David Holder with CenterState CEO at 315-470-1622.