Transportation Committee Update

Staff Contact: Johnny Evers
February 27, 2018

New York City Congestion Pricing:
Mayor's Plan, Fix NY Plan, and 30-Day Amendments on Congestion Pricing

As part of the efforts to address both traffic congestion and mass transit infrastructure needs within New York City, both Mayor deBlasio and Governor Cuomo have put forth Congestion Pricing proposals, with the Mayor’s proposal announced on October 22, 2017 and the Governor’s Fix NY Advisory Panel report issued in mid-January 2018.  The Governor has now included three of the Fix NY proposals in his 30-day amendments to the Executive Budget.

The Business Council is working with member companies to identify parts of the plans that may hinder transportation and shipping. Some of the proposals may limit times of delivery, increase fees on trucking, and/or create circumstances under which the transport of goods into Manhattan is made more costly. The Business Council is seeking input and feedback on the congestion pricing issue and how it impacts member companies. Please send any information to Johnny Evers or (518) 694-4461.

These initiatives are summarized below: 

New York City Mayor's Plan

The mayor’s five initiatives to address traffic congestion in New York City were announced in October 2017 and scheduled to be put in place in early January 2018, however, the NYC Department of Transportation (DOT) announced that the Clear Lanes and Clear Curbs initiatives would be delayed. Those two initiatives have not been put in place to date. The Business Council has been informed by many of its members that these two initiatives (Clear Lane and Clear Curbs) are of paramount concern to transportation and shipping interests.

The mayor’s full proposals can be found here.

Fix NYC Advisory Panel Report - January 2018

After its appointment by the Governor in October 2017, the 15-members Fix NYC advisory group met several times before issuing its report on January 22, 2018. Fix NYC was tasked with finding strategies to address severe traffic congestion and identify sources of revenue to help fix the subway system. The report recommended a three phase approach to addressing these issues. In Phase One the report recommended six (6) points of action:

Under Phase Two, the report suggested “a surcharge on taxi and for-hire vehicles (FHV) trips in the CBD” after the installation of appropriate GPS technology in all vehicles. This phase-in would require at least ten (10) months to complete.

Phase Three recommends a zone pricing program in two parts – “first for trucks, and then for all vehicles entering Manhattan’s CBD below 60th Street.” The report recommends “frequent review of the program and opportunities to make modifications when necessary” to ensure public support for the program. Twice a year the metrics on zone pricing should be checked and published in a report to assess “the efficacy of the surcharge and zone pricing programs.”   

The Fix NY Report can be accessed here.

Governor's 30-Day Amendments

Within the 30 day amendments to the proposed executive budget, the Governor has put forth three (3) proposals contained with the Fix NY Report. These included:

The link to the Governor’s 30-day transportation amendments can be found here.

Budget Update:

Strengthen the State’s Authority to Enforce Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations Department of Transportation (DOT) commissioner enabled to suspend registrations because of an out of service order issued by the United States department of transportation, hold suspension until federal notice, and fine incrementally, after a hearing, each successive violation.
TED Article VII bill, Part A
Enhance Public Transportation Safety Board (PTSB) Enforcement Power in Compliance with Federal Requirements Aligns NYS transportation law with federal law relating to federal rail fixed guideway public transportation systems.
TED Article VII bill, Part C
Authorize DOT to Collect a $120 Fee for Semi-Annual Inspections of Certain For-Profit Vehicles. DOT shall charge and collect $120 for the inspection or re-inspection of all motor vehicles transporting passengers subject to the department's inspection requirements; exempts municipalities.
TED Article VII bill, Part E
Extends the Authorization of Autonomous Vehicle Testing in the State of New York. Proscribes rules for the testing and driving of autonomous vehicles under supervision of commissioner of motor vehicles including security in amount of $5 million. Report on issue yearly, sunset in 2020.
TED Article VII bill, Part H