Transportation Committee Alert - Coalition Urges Governor to Stop Proposed Truck Regulation

Staff Contact: Frank Kerbein
July 23, 2009

The Business Council and 26 organizations are urging Governor Paterson to stop the proposed regulation restricting truck traffic in the Finger Lakes.

In a July 20th letter to Governor Paterson, the coalition said that imposing any restrictions on routes trucks may travel is an extremely bad precedent that will increase the cost and time of trips, waste fuel and most importantly, cause a ripple effect that will touch every industry that is important to this state's economy, especially upstate.

The coalition letter states some of the numerous legal issues this regulation raises including the New York State Department of Transportation's lack of authority, Commerce Clause violations, Fourth Amendment violations, inadequate environmental review analysis and Equal Protection Clause violation. Furthermore, the coalition letter asserts that the proposal does not clearly explain how state and local authorities plan to enforce this regulation with the potential outcome of police pulling over any truck they choose to ensure it is properly on a route.

The Business Council and coalition members have participated in multiple discussions with Governor Paterson's office and NYSDOT, asserting that the proposed regulations are unjustified, unworkable and potentially devastating to the fragile economy of our state.  A report by Capitol Hill Research Center states that the proposed regulations do not provide the balance necessary to promote sustainable economic development, tourism and improved quality of life for all New Yorkers and could set the stage for community-by-community regulations which would stifle commerce and ultimately increase costs across-the-board.

The Business Council would like to thank Kendra Adams, Executive Director of the New York State Motor Truck Association for organizing coalition efforts.