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Transportation Committee


If you work in or have an interest in transportation, logistics or supply chain management, I invite you join our Transportation Committee. Currently, we have several hundred professionals on its membership and mailing list.

This committee is The Business Council's network for keeping member companies informed and involved in transportation-related legislative and regulatory matters affecting businesses all across New York State. It is the conduit through which the staff receives input from members regarding these legislative and regulatory proposals.

Each year, through a series of committee meetings deigned to keep members up to date, we highlight major state and private sector transportation projects, transportation related legislative efforts and regulatory developments. Experts from the state's Thruway Authority and Department of Transportation are frequent speakers.

Sign up for the CommitteeAll Business Council members are welcome to participate and I urge you to sign up! Please feel free to contact me about our Transportation Committee at any time.

Johnny Evers, Director of Government Affair


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