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Zack Hutchins
Director of Communications

March 27, 2008

Business Council Statement Supporting an Overlay For Relief In 315 Area Code Region

According to the New York State Public Service Commission (PSC), demand for central office codes is projected to result in the depletion of the 315 area code by 2010 requiring implementation of a new area code. To adjust to this eventuality, the Department of Public Service has recommended either a geographic split or an overlay plan within the area code.

The Business Council strongly recommends that the PSC adopt an overlay plan which would assign a new area code to the 315 geographic region in central New York.

The overlay plan would open up a new code throughout the geographic area of the existing area code. This approach allows current telephone customers to keep their area code with no disruption in service.

The geographic split would divide the existing 315 area code into two geographic areas, leaving the existing area code to serve a portion and assigning a new area code to the remaining portion. Approximately half of current customers would be assigned the new area code. This would be particularly burdensome and costly to businesses that would not only have to change area codes, but also change advertising and other business materials that contain their telephone number.

Accordingly, the Business Council strongly supports the overlay plan as the most efficient and least costly approach to address this issue.