Tax Committee Update

January 14, 2010
Staff Contact: Ken Pokalsky

The Department of Tax and Finance has confirmed that their Article 9A/32 restructuring proposal will not be in the Executive Budget proposal due out next Tuesday, January 19. They will continue with the drafting process, and expect that a bill draft will be circulated within two to three weeks. Rob Plattner and staff say they remain committed to continuing to work on this initiative with the Business Council and individual businesses.

Today, the Department circulated a revised outline document, plus a status report. The DT&F update is available in PDF format on our web site here

This January, 2010 update contains several changes:


We had a Tax Committee tentatively scheduled for Wednesday, January 27, but will move that date back to assure that Committee members have had an opportunity to review draft bill text prior to meeting again with the Department. We will get a rescheduled date to you ASAP.