New York business supports the Common Core!

Students need an education system that prepares them for college and careers, and employers need a 21st century workforce to fill empty positions.

According to U.S. Department of Education data, New York’s high-school graduation rate is 76 percent, below the national average and behind all but 14 other states.

Worse, based on Regents exam scores in English and math, only about 35 percent of New York high school students are graduating college- and career-ready.

Clearly, the need to raise college- and career-readiness in K-12 education is urgent. Simply put, students are not learning the skills they need to be successful in the post-high school world.  The skills gap--a mismatch between what is required to fill open positions and those that workers currently have--has left millions of jobs unfilled, and is resulting in a weaker economy for New York and the nation.

Further, the U.S. currently ranks 25 out of 34 top-performing countries in math.

In order to be competitive in the global economy, we need to raise the bar and hold students to rigorous academic standards that match the technology, math and science needs of employers.

As concerned stakeholders, we--the undersigned businesses, organizations and individuals--support the Common Core State Standards as an effective means to address these issues and set real-world standards for our primary and secondary education systems. If we want to prepare our students and future citizens for an America that maintains its place as a leader in the 21st century, then New York must continue moving forward with Common Core.

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Supporters of the Common Core

Alexander Allen, Albany
Amber Mooney, Albany
Buffalo Niagara Partnership
Donna Farrell, Fairport
Dynamic Applications, Inc.
Eric Mower, Chairman/CEO, Eric Mower + Associates
FAME (Finger Lakes Advanced Manufacturers' Enterprise)
Gwen Johnson, Poughkeepsie
Hillside Family of Agencies
Michael Printup, President, Watkins Glen International
Orange County Chamber of Commerce
Regeneron Pharmaceuticals
Rochester Business Alliance
The Business Council of NYS, Inc.
The Business Council of Westchester
Thomas F. Judson, Jr., Chairman & CEO, The Pike Company
Time Warner Inc.
Tompkins County Chamber of Commerce
Turnaround for Children, Inc.
Ursula M. Burns, Chairman and CEO, Xerox Corporation
William Rudin, CEO, Rudin Management

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