Affinity Partners

Members receive discounts on various products and services including The Business Council Shipping Program, Ovation Payroll, OfficeMax and more.

Education and Networking

Education programs, management conferences and major events which combine social, policy and business agendas

HR Line

Every month over 400 members call our toll-free Resource Line, 800-332-2117. Dedicated professionals are on board to guide members through issues ranging from hiring and terminating employees, to complex COBRA laws.

Publications and Communications

The Council keeps its members informed through a variety of publications and reports

Information Resources

Access to award winning research on the economy and government of New York State and links to informational websites including Chambers of Commerce, Associations and on-line newspapers.

Group Insurance Benefits

Take advantage of our group insurance programs, saving significantly on employee benefits including Life & Disability and Dental. Our group rates allow you to offer your employees attractive employee benefits at a price you can afford. Affordable benefits that help you attract and keep employees.