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New York State has historically been a world leader in manufacturing. Our industrial roots date back centuries and spurred such industrial innovations such as the Erie Canal, our state’s great hydropower projects, our vast network of roads and bridges, and the industrial parks that still host our greatest business enterprises. World renowned giants such as Corning Incorporated, IBM, General Electric, Eastman Kodak, General Mills, Dresser-Rand, Northrup-Grumman, and Carrier Corporation – to name just a few - all claim New York as home. In fact, The Business Council itself traces its origins to the manufacturing community that gathered in Buffalo in 1914 to form Associated Industries, our predecessor organization. For over 100 years The Business Council has advocated for manufacturers, diligently lobbying their issues before the Legislature and State Government.

As the leading voice for business and industry in New York State, our organization takes up the causes facing employers in the world of manufacturing such as economic development, taxation, energy, environment, workers’ comp, labor, and the myriad of rules and regulation under which manufacturers operate. Our Manufacturing Council, comprised of our hundreds of companies, discusses and vets issues, provides feedback for The Business Council, and enables us to formulate a unified voice for the manufacturing sector in regards to public policy.

Sign up for the CommitteeAdditionally, The Business Council hosts a “Made In New York” conference every year to highlight the products and companies that produce goods in our state. Every spring we sponsor a “Manufacturers’ Day” here in Albany to personally educate our Legislators about manufacturing issues. We invite you to add your voice to the Manufacturing Council to help us keep policy makers informed as to the state of manufacturing and its role as the employer of hundreds of thousands of people in in New York State.

Johnny Evers, Director of Government Affairs

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