Following is The Business Council's 2004 Legislative Program. It identifies priority issues to be addressed by the Committees and Councils during 2004.

The following list of priorities was adopted on Dec 2, 2003. 1) The Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS), 2) Reauthorization of Article X, 3) Amending of Article VII, 4) Continuation/preservation of energy tax reductions/cuts and 5) Continued emphasis on energy infrastructure development in New York State (plants, transmission, pipelines).

RPS: The PSC initiated the current proceeding after the Governor proposed the RPS in his 2003 State of the State message. Specifically, he directed the PSC to develop a standard that would require New York's businesses and consumers to buy at least 25 percent of their electricity from "renewable energy resources" (i.e. solar, wind, etc.) by 2013. The Committee stated that a recommended decision on the RPS by the PSC staff should not be issued before critical studies are completed with respect to cost, feasibility, and reliability. These matters are far too important to be treated as mere ancillary elements of the deliberations. Instead of a rush to judgment that presents the commission with a single up-or-down plan, the DPS staff should give the commission a range of options on what standard should be adopted, when, and whether it should be mandatory or voluntary and at what costs to consumers. It was therefore decided that the RPS be top priority of the committee in 2004.

Mission Statement

Actively promote changes to the state's legislative, regulatory and tax structures to reflect increased competition in New York's energy industry, promote increased economic development, and expedite the siting and construction of new generation (e.g. under article X of the Public Service Law and in other areas) and other energy infrastructure facilities (e.g. Article 7 of the Public Service Law) and in order to realize the siting of at least 9,200 megawatts of new generation over the next five (5) years for competition and reliability purposes.

Tax Issues

Electricity and Natural Gas



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