Labor & HR Committee Update

May 25, 2017
Staff Contact: Frank Kerbein

Below you will find information regarding new developments in human resource management.

Paid Family Leave Update

The Workers’ Compensation Board release revised proposed rules regarding the administration of New York’s comprehensive Paid Family Leave (PFL) law. These revised rules clarify some of the initial proposed regulations released in February.¬†There will be another 30-day comment period related to this revision.

In general, there were minor changes to the burdens placed on insurance carriers, notably, extending the time issuers of disability insurance will have to decide whether or not to provide a PFL policy to their clients or cease doing business in New York. That period has been extended to 60 days after the Department of Financial Services (DFS) releases the maximum allowable employee weekly contribution amount.

Most significantly, the revised proposed rule addresses the issue of part time and full time eligibility for benefits. Generally, those who work less than 20-hours per week will be eligible for PFL after 175 days of employment. Those working more than 20-hours per week will be eligible after 26 weeks of employment. We are in the process of analyzing other changes to the revised rule.

Please review the revised proposed rules and let me know any of your concerns. We will incorporate your concerns into our comments. These comments are due June 23rd.

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