Comparison of State Minimum Wages

Contact: Ken Pokalsky

On 12/31/15, New York’s minimum wage increases to $9 per hour, the result of a three-step increase adopted in 2013. In 2016, the state’s minimum wage will be exceeded by that of just eight other states – one of which imposes a lesser wage on small employers. Three other states have adopted increases beyond $9 that take effect after 2016. Details are shown in the chart below.

Under a recent NYS Department of Labor wage order, fast food workers’ minimum wage will increase on 12/31/15 to $10.50 in New York City and $9.75 in the rest of the state, increasing in several steps to $15 by 12/31/18 and 7/1/21 respectively – a level that will exceed all other state-level minimum wages.

On the other hand, 20 states defer to the federal minimum wage of $7.25, have a state minimum wage below the federal level, or have no state-level minimum wage statute.

More information on state-specific minimum wage laws can be found on the National Council of State Legislators web site.

California $10.00  
Massachusetts  $10.00 Increases to $11.00 on 1/1/17
Alaska $9.75 Indexed to inflation
Vermont $9.60  
$9.50 (employers with sales over $500,000;
$7.75 for smaller employees)
Washington $9.47 Indexed to inflation
Oregon                                 $9.25 Indexed to inflation to nearest $.05
Connecticut        $9.15 Increases to $10.10 on 1/1/17
New York $9.00  
Nebraska $9.00  
Rhode Island $9.00  
Maryland             $8.75 $9.25 eff. 7-1-17
$10.10 eff. 7-1-18            
Hawaii   $ $8.50 $9.25 eff. 1/1/17
$10.10 eff. 1/1/18
Michigan              $8.50 $8.90 on 1/1/17
$9.25 on 1/1/18
Indexed to inflation, up to 3.5% on 1/1/19