Labor & HR Committee Update - October 30, 2014

Time to post the state voting rights poster

New York State requires the posting of its employee voting rights poster for the ten day period prior to a state election day. Here is material for your information (page 1) and for posting (page 2). For questions, please call The Business Council’s HR Line at 800-332-2117.

Paid Family Leave

We expect to again be dealing with paid family leave proposals during the 2015 legislative session in Albany. To refresh your memory about the issue, here is a 40 minute video clip of the floor debate from the New York State Assembly last March prior to the bill’s passage in that house. This would be a well spent 40 minutes!

NYC Major De Blasio expands living wage mandate

Last month, Mayor De Blasio signed an executive order expanding New York City’s living wage law, pushing toward his ultimate goal of a New York City-wide universal minimum wage of $15 per hour. This latest expansion covers previously exempt workers of commercial tenants on projects that receive more than $1 million in city subsidies going forward. It also raises the hourly wage to $13.13 per hour from $11.90 per hour for workers without fringe benefits, and $11.50 per hour from $10.30 per hour for those with fringe benefits. Future cost-of-living adjustments are included. The Real Estate Board of New York sounded a note of caution and expressed a desire to work with the mayor on the order’s impact and implementation.
Executive order # 7 can be viewed here.
A report on the signing and comments from many city and state elected officials and living wage advocates are here.

Pay Card legislation

The Attorney General’s office has indicated its interest in advancing S.7790/A.10056, its version of the regulation of payroll card use by employers in New York State. The bill was introduced on June 9th following the issuance of the report Pinched by Plastic: The Impact of Payroll Cards on Low-Wage Workers by the AG’s office. The Business Council will continue to participate in discussions with AG’s office on this bill and the overall pay card issue as we prepare for the 2015 legislative session.

To discuss these or any HR related legislative issue, please call Frank Kerbein on the HR Line at 800-332-2117.