Labor & HR Committee Update
June 24, 2014

Repeal of the Annual Notice of the Wage Theft Prevention Act of 2010

Last week during the final days of the 2014 legislative session, both the Assembly and Senate passed S.5885-B/A.8106-C. This bill would repeal the annual notice and its acknowledgement requirement for employers in New York State, increase employer fines and penalties for wage and hour violations, and specify some actions concerning the department of labor’s enforcement of wage and hour laws. The bill will now go to the Governor for his approval or veto but approval is not assured. Read what The Business Council had to say about the Wage Theft Prevention Act of 2010 here. At my upcoming HR Legislative Briefings noted below, I will be reviewing the bill, these new proposed fines and penalties as well as the department of labor enforcement provisions.

Minimum wage

With all the fanfare about additional minimum wage increases during the session, no bill passed the legislature. The new theme that emerged was to allow cities and counties to set their own minimum wage. The Business Council opposed the bill. So, if nothing changes, we have a new $8.75 per hour state minimum wage and a $656.25 per week minimum exempt salary requirement at the end of the year.