Labor & HR Committee Update
January 10, 2013

Staff Contact: Frank Kerbein

Governor Cuomo’s State of the State Address

HR related issues were a major component of yesterday’s State of the State address.

Minimum Wage Increase

Citing the annual costs of gasoline, electricity, auto insurance, groceries, child care and housing and that 19 other states have minimum wage levels higher than New York’s, the Governor stated that  a minimum wage of $8.75 per hour is more in line with the state’s cost of living and he will propose it.

Women’s Equality Act

Playing a video that stated among other things that women will earn $500,000 less than men over their lifetimes, the Governor introduced a 10 Point Women’s Equality Act.

No other details were provided. We’ll wait for the actual bill introduction and take it from there.

Unemployment Insurance

The Governor proposes reforming the unemployment insurance system to increase benefits while providing employers with more predictability by:

No details on the UI benefit increase proposal was mentioned.

Workers' Compensation

The Governor will introduce legislation to reduce the cost and improve the administration of the workers’ compensation system by:

As these proposals develop, we’ll keep you posted.