Labor & HR Committee Update
April 4, 2012

Staff Contact: Frank Kerbein

Wage Theft Prevention Act

The second half of March was consumed with state budget issues so no action to report on the bill to repeal the annual wage theft prevention act notice, A8856/S6063. The state Senate did, however, include the repeal in their budget bill but it did not make the final cut in the budget bill agreed to by the Assembly and the Governor.

On March 13th, the following Business Council Labor & HR Committee members met with representatives of the Governor to discuss the impact of the WTPA annual notice on their organizations and to urge the Governor to support the repeal: Margaret Davenport, Senior VP, Human Resources – Golub Corporation, Schenectady; Bill Cleary, Director of Human Resources - Dunn Tire, Buffalo; Karen Biehler, Manager of Human Resources - McLane Foodservice, Guilderland Center; David Lester, Senior Director of Human Resources – Taconic, Hudson; Suzan McDermott, HR Officer - North Country Savings Bank, Canton; Kim Seeber, Asst. HR Officer – North Country Savings Bank, Canton; Chris Patrie, Director of Human Resources – Janitronics, Inc., Albany; Sheila Accorso, Senior Human Resources Representative – FedEx, Rochester.

The Business Council’s e-advocacy campaign for the repeal has resulted in 1,329 individuals sending 11,804 individual email messages to Legislators, legislative leaders and the Governor. If you haven’t participated, please do! Here is The Business Council’s memo in support of the repeal.

See if You can Take Advantage of the NY Youth Works Tax Credit Program

The credit is a state tax credit that can be applied to the business franchise tax (or for individuals who file as businesses, their NYS tax obligation). The credit is $500/month for six months for full time employment (35 hrs. or more), with an additional $1,000 if they retain the employee for a full year. There also is a credit for part-time employment (at least 20 hours) – it’s half the credit amount for full time. There is no limit to the number of individuals that a business could hire to receive the tax credit.

The program focuses on placing youth (16-24) who reside in cities with populations of 62,000 or more in positions at businesses that are within reasonable commuting distance to those areas.

Businesses must apply for certification by June 1, 2012.

To apply online click on the link below:


For more general information about the program click on the link below: