Health Care Committee Update
February 12, 2013

Staff Contact: Lev Ginsburg

New York Health Benefit Exchange

New York Health Benefit Exchange issued its invitation to health insurers and dental plans to participate in the New York Health Benefit Exchange on January 31, 2013. Our members continue to have many questions relating to plan development and the intersection of health plans and stand-alone dental plans both inside and outside the Exchange. We are in ongoing conversations with the Exchange and awaiting clarification on these and other matters. The invitation is available here.

Over the last few weeks, the Exchange has released a number of studies assessing such things as Medicaid Benchmark Benefits under the Affordable Care Act: Options for New York, Healthy New York and Family Health Plus Employer Buy-In Programs, SHOP Exchange and Health Insurance Markets and Uninsured New Yorkers After Full Implementation of the ACA. These studies are available here. Some of the issues focused on in these studies are addressed in the Governor’s budget proposal. These include the elimination of the Healthy NY program for individuals, sole proprietors and small group insurance, the elimination of Family Health Plus and amendments to Ian’s Law’s notification requirements, when plans seek to discontinue or change benefit structures.

We continue to monitor bills as they are introduced and highlight those that would create additional unfunded mandates on private insurance. You can keep tabs with our “Mandate Watch” available here.