Health Care & Insurance Committee Update

June 23, 2011

Health Insurance Exchange Framework Finalized

Early this morning, negotiations concluded on the framework for the establishment of New York’s Health Exchange.  An analysis of the agreed-upon bill, which is expected to pass both houses of the Legislature today, can be found here.

Significantly, this agreed-upon bill preserves the role of the Legislature in making public policy by requiring the Exchange Board to seek statutory authority on issues such as selective contracting, standardizing benefits available through the exchange, etc. The Exchange in the agreed upon bill will be governed by a Board of 9 members, and will establish 5 regional advisory committees each with 5 members whose role will be to annually review and report on regional variations in the operation of the exchange.

The Board, once appointed, will have a very aggressive timetable to complete and report back to the Legislature and Governor by April 1, 2012 on twenty-two different policy areas.  These studies need not be stand-alone, and their completion may be delayed if federal rulemaking has not been released.

The Business Council believes this negotiated bill takes the proper approach in establishing the governance structure, identifying areas of policy upon which further study and data is required, and will allow for broad stakeholder input and participation.