Government Affairs Council Update - June 22, 2018

Staff Contact: Ken Pokalsky

Our End of Legislative Session Summary details legislative action on key business issues addressed by the New York State Legislature during the just-completed 2018 session (it does not include budget issues, which are reviewed here.) The session adjourned leaving many major issues unaddressed, ranging from sports gambling and marijuana legalization to teacher evaluations, gun control, criminal justice reforms and others.

On business-specific issues, we were pleased to have several important tax bills, which decouple state law from adverse changes adopted at the federal level, receive broad bipartisan approval in the Senate. It is unfortunate the Assembly chose not to take them up. We expect these to be revisited in the FY 2020 executive budget cycle. 

The most significant bill passed over our opposition was one that will expand the state’s nascent Paid Family Leave law to include bereavement, effective in 2020. While we are not necessarily opposed to the concept, we opposed this bill because it will allow such leave without limitations, and could dramatically increase workplace absences and program costs. We will be urging a gubernatorial veto.  

Other legislation of significant concern generally failed to receive two-house approval. As always, we greatly appreciate the input and assistance we received from issue experts within our member companies during the 2018 session. Your input greatly contributes to our advocacy efforts in Albany.  Please feel free to reach out to our Government Affairs staff with any questions or comments on this EOS summary.

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