Government Affairs Committee Update

August 11, 2017

Staff Contact: Ken Pokalsky

Staff Update

Retirement - It is with mixed emotions we announce that Cate Tully has retired effective August 4th. Best wishes to Cate, who was a great asset to our GAC team. Effective immediately, Lev Ginsburg will be taking over our Financial Services committee and issues, and we have started the search process for a new GAC staff member.

Women’s Issues - Business Council President Heather Briccetti was named to Governor Cuomo’s Steering Committee on Women’s Issues. The Steering Committee is comprised of leaders from foundations, academia, non-profits, the media, and the private sector, and will advise the Executive Chamber on issues on policy areas including education, economic opportunity, workforce equity, leadership, health care, safety, and STEM. This opportunity fits well with the Council’s recent efforts on education and workforce development. And as shown in the Governor’s 2014 “equity agenda,” and in this year’s Executive Order 162, this issue area also includes policy initiatives with direct impact on the workplace and private sector employers. Its first quarterly meeting will be September 20th, 2-4 PM in New York City. More information to follow. Staff contacts: Heather Briccetti and Ken Pokalsky.

Regulatory Update

JCOPE Rules – The Joint Commission on Public Integrity has approved two new proposed regulations, Part 943 (initially proposed as Part 942), which covers a broad range of definitions and requirements (including registration and reporting requirements), and Part 938, which addresses statutory source of funding disclosure requirements. Note that in addition to the revised draft rules, JCOPE has also posted all comments received last fall on their initial proposal, including testimony and written comments submitted by The Business Council. These draft rules will have to go through the formal administrative procedures process with State Register notice as well as a 45-day public comment period. Our initial review shows that while JCOPE accepted a number of our recommendations, these draft rules still include problematic provisions related to commission salespersons, lobbying contact disclosures, reportable business relationships, and others.  Our detailed review of these drafts is still being finalized.

Membership Programs / Benefits

InternShop - We are urging all members to explore and use our revamped InternShop program.  InternShop is our exclusive members-only platform for matching your internship needs with students at more than seventy private and public New York colleges and universities within The Business Council's membership. Participation is at no cost to you. We are asking that – in addition to your ongoing efforts – you also list your available internships on InternShop, and use our platform to identify qualified candidates. Information on the program, and employer registration information, is available through our InternShop Support and FAQs page, which also includes an informational webinar about the program. It would be greatly appreciated if you could share this material with your human resources office, and have them engage with us on this newly relaunched, and improved, member service. Technical questions regarding InternShop can be directed to Liz Mancini or Matt Tuller