Government Affairs Council Update
April 12, 2017

Staff Contact: Ken Pokalsky

Update on Final Budget and Link to Comp Reform Webinar

Our overview of final budget provisions is available here. ├čadd link. The Business Council made significant comp reform our number one priority for this year, and major reforms were adopted in the final budget, addressing permanent partial disability caps, impairment guidelines and other provisions. This is a major victory for the state’s business community and when fully implemented will result in hundreds of millions of dollars in annual savings. We extend our appreciation to the 200 chambers of commerce, business groups and individual businesses that joined with us in our advocacy coalition. Most importantly, we extend our appreciation to Senate Majority Leader Flanagan, who insisted that workers’ comp reform be included in the budget agreement, and to Senators DeFrancisco, Akshar and Amedore, who led this fight in the Senate. In the Assembly, Assembly members Woerner and McDonald were key advocates for reform.

In addition to workers’ comp reform, this budget also includes statewide authorization for ridesharing and a $2.5 billion dollar water infrastructure plan, which we supported.

A number of proposals of concern in the Executive Budget were rejected or modified, including pharmaceutical pricing controls, expanded DFS regulatory authority, major changes in state procurement policy, new solid waste and groundwater cleanup requirements, and others.

Please contact our Government Affairs staff with any questions or comments on these and other budget issues.