2016 New York State Legislative Races

Ken Pokalsky
November 9, 2016

Despite the election of seven new Senators, and eighteen new Assembly members, the makeup of the New York State legislature remained largely unchanged by the 2016 election.

In the Senate, the Republicans picked up SD60, formerly held by Senator Marc Panepinto, but at the moment are trailing by less than 100 votes in the race between freshman Senator Michael Venditto and his Democrat challenger John Brooks.

Business Council president Heather Briccetti congratulated the Senate Republicans and our other endorsed candidates, saying, “Tonight’s results are proof that a pro-growth, pro-jobs platform is a winning message across New York State.” Heather's full election-night statement is available here.

At minimum, the Senate is expected to retain its status quo, with Senator Felder conferencing with the Senate Republicans. Otherwise, the Senate Independent Democrat Caucus will add two new members, Senator-elect Alcantara in SD 31, and incumbent Senator Jesse Hamilton. The election will result in a shakeup in committee leadership, with current Senate chairs of Labor, Banks, Codes and possibly Consumer affairs changing hands.

In the Assembly, the Democrat majority will be 107, compared to 106 after the 2014 elections. Overall, eighteen new Assembly members were elected. Only one incumbent lost – John Ceretto AD 115, who ran for re-election as a Democrat, but was initially elected on the Republican line. The election also filled three open seats. Three seats changed parties in this election, AD 20 on Long Island, AD 115 in Plattsburgh and AD 143 near Buffalo. Current chairs of the Assembly Banks, Corporations, Housing and Tourism committees will not return to Albany in 2017.

All incumbents endorsed by The Business Council PAC won re-election; we also endorsed four successful candidates running in open seats; Elaine Phillips in SD 7, Jim Tedisco in SD 49, Pamela Helming in SD 54, and Chris Jacobs in SD 60; and endorsed the successful challenger in AD 145, Angelo Morinello. Our complete list of endorsements is available here.

The following tables list newly elected Legislators, by district, and lists opponents and former legislative members. New York State Board of Elections “unofficial” results for all federal and state races in New York are available here.

New Senate Members

SD 7 Nassau Phillips (R) Haber (D) Martins (R), Chair, Labor committee
SD 8 Nassau, Suffolk * * Venditto (R), Chair, Consumer Affairs committee
SD 31 New York, Bronx Alcantara (D) Crump (R) Espaillat (D)
SD 36 Bronx, Westchester Bailey (D) Diamond (R) Hassell-Thompson (D)
SD 49 Schenectady +4 others Tedisco (R) Putman (D) Farley (R), Chair, Banks Committee
SD 54 Cayuga +5 Helming (R) Baldridge (R) Nozzolio (R), Chair, Codes committee
SD 60 Erie Jacobs (R) Small (D) Panepinto (D)

* Election results for SD 8 between Vendetto (R) and Brooks (D) are not yet final.

New Assembly Members

AD 16 Nassau D’Urso (D) Varvaro (R) Schimel (D)
AD 20 Niagara Miller (R) Eramo (D) Open, was Kaminsky (D)
AD 23 Queens Pheffer Amato (D) Zwirn (R) Goldfeder (D)
AD 30 Queens Barnwell (D) Nunziato (R) Markey (D), Chair, Tourism committee
AD 33 Queens Vanel (D) Wellington (R) Open, was Clark (D)
AD 44 Kings Carroll (D) Nocera (R) Brennan (D), Chair, Corporations committee
AD 56 Kings Wright (D) Uncontested Robinson (D), Chair Banks committee
AD 65 New York Niou (D) Jung (R) Cancel (D)
AD 70 New York Dickens (D) Tarrant (R) Wright (D), Chair, Housing committee
AD 72 New York DeLaRosa (D) Uncontested Linares (D)
AD 94 Putnam, Westchester Byrne (R) Higbie (D) Katz (R)
AD 101 Delaware +6 others Miller (R) Feldmeier (D) Tenney (R)
AD 112 Saratoga, Schenectady Walsh (R) Godlewski (D) Tedisco (R)
AD 115 Clinton +2 others Jones (D) Mulverhill (R) Duprey (R)
AD 133 Livingston +2 others Errigo (R) Baer (D) Open, was Nojay (R)
AD 143 Erie Wallace (D) Sugg (R) Wozniak (R)
AD 144 Erie +2 others Norris (R) Uncontested Corwin (R)
AD 145 Erie, Niagara Morinello (R) Ceretto (D) Ceretto (D)

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