2014 State of the State Message

Statement on Governor Andrew Cuomo’s 2014 State of the State address from Heather C. Briccetti, president and CEO of the Business Council of New York State:

The Business Council of New York State applauds the Governor’s continued commitment to improve the state’s business climate. There is much for business in New York to be encouraged about in Governor Cuomo’s State of the State address. His continued emphasis on holding growth in overall state spending to under 2 percent is for another year is welcomed news.

The Business Council applauds the Governor’s tax relief proposals that will provide more than $2 billion in savings to New York employers and residents. This is big news for the state’s economy, especially upstate, as these tax cuts will provide broad-based business tax relief, and support key business sectors across New York.

The Business Council represents a wide range of enterprises across the state, all of whom are affected by regulations and we look forward to working with the Governor and the Legislature in establishing in a joint commission to identify ways to eliminate regulatory barriers that make it difficult to do business in New York State and hinder economic growth.

We await further details in the Governor’s budget proposal and stand ready to assist the Governor in making these important real through the Legislative process.

(Note: A video version of this statement is available here; the State of the State message and related information is available here.)

Overview of Key Provisions


Campaign Finance Reform

The Governor reiterated his call for ethics reform, including:


The Governor provided a new level of attention to infrastructure projects in the state including:

Economic Development

Proposals include:

Education and Workforce Development

The following initiatives were highlighted by the Governor in his State of the State message:  


The 2014 State of State included numerous new energy initiatives and expansion of current energy initiatives, including:

The 2014 State of State also included a special focus on hardening and improving of electrical power systems, with $1.4 billion to support the following:

Many of these proposed projects address recommendations set forth by the Governor’s 2100 Commission, which was convened after Superstorm Sandy to identify critical infrastructure improvements that should be made to protect the state’s residents and communities.


The State of the State includes a number of environmental capital improvement initiates to assist the State’s infrastructure to better withstand major weather incidents, including the following: 

Health Care

Major health-related initiatives include the following:

establish the NY Genomic Medicine Network as a partnership between the recently opened NY Genome Center in New York City, the University at Buffalo and Roswell Park Cancer Institute. 


The Governor applauded his agencies for exceeding the 20 percent goal of using certified MWBEs for state contracts and this year will focus on:


The State of the State message reiterated tax reform initiatives announced earlier. They include:

In addition, it proposed increasing the Youth Works tax credit program to $10 million per year, increasing the maximum per-job credit by $1,000, and providing state funding for training necessary to hire an eligible youth.


The Governor proposed: 


The Governor stated that tourism spending in the State has increased $4 billion, almost twice the national average and the industry is estimated to have added almost 25,000 jobs in 2013.  The messaged continued a focus on tourism as an economic driver, particularly for Upstate NY, and included the following tourism initiatives:

Regulatory Reform

Small Business

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