This Week in Government Affairs
November 5, 2014


NYS Senate

The Republicans will have a true majority in 2015, winning 32 seats. All incumbent Republican Senators won re-election; they also defended four open seats currently held by Republicans; and defeated three first-term Senate Democrats. Senate Democrats retained two other open seats they previously held. No other incumbents lost. Key outcomes include the following:

NYS Assembly

There will be seventeen new Assembly members for the 2015 legislative sessions. Candidates winning open seats are listed below. Of these contests, there are three party changes, with Republicans taking the 3rd and 143rd, and the Democrats winning the 113th. If the three "too close to call races" stay as is, it would be one additional net seat gain for the Democrats.

Only one race remains open.

Two seats undecided on election day are now final, with incumbents

Prior to election day, the Assembly breakout was 97 democrats, 41 republicans, 1 independent and 11 vacancies.  If the current vote counts hold, the 2015 session will start with 107 democrats, 42 republicans, 1 independent, for a net change of one seat.

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