This Week in Government Affairs
June 30, 2014

Legislative Update


During the final days of legislative session, both the Senate and Assembly passed legislation that repeals the annual pay notice requirement for employers in New York State; increases employer fines and penalties for wage and hour violations; and specifies some department of labor administrative actions (S.5885-B/A.8106-C). The bill will now go to the governor for his approval or veto. Read The Business Council’s support memo for the bill here.

Please contact our government affairs staff to discuss post-session priorities.

Regulatory Update

Please click here for information on The Business Council’s Regulatory Agenda.

Political Update

Visit The Business Council’s Political Action Committee (PAC) page for information on upcoming PAC events.

Briefly Noted

Please note the following additional item of interest:

Workforce Development

The Public Policy Institute continues to collect responses from employers on their training and workforce needs in New York State. Please take a few minutes to fill out the brief survey if you have not done so already.

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