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March 24, 2014

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The Business Council’s summary of the Senate and Assembly one-house budget proposals is available here.¬†Our more detailed review of the Senate and Assembly revenue bills is available here.¬†These issues are under active negotiation in Albany, and it is expected that a final budget agreement will be reached and passed by April 1. Feel free to contact us with any comments or questions, or for updates.
Staff contact: Ken Pokalsky

Legislative Update

Bill to amend the Alcohol and Beverage Control Law

Last week, legislation that would allow for the sale of alcohol for on-site consumption prior to noon was reported out of the Senate Investigations and Government Operations. It is now in Senate Finance. The Business Council supports this bill.

Consulting services for state agencies

The Business Council opposes a proposal contained in the Assembly one-house PPPG budget bill that would impose duplicative requirements on state agencies prior to entering into a consultant services contract anticipated to be in excess of $250,000 in a 12-month period.

Input needed

The Business Council is looking for member input on the following bills regarding: the biomedical and biotechnological translational research and entrepreneurship initiative (S.6555-A/A.9000), tax credits for angel investors (S.6550/A.9105) and New York State Veteran Entrepreneurship and Employment Opportunity Centers (S.6557).

Utility Consumer Advocate

The Business Council opposes a proposal contained in the Assembly one-house PPGG budget bill that would create the State Office of the Utility Consumer Advocate (A.8555-C/Part N). Staff contact: Darren Suarez

Mayor signs New York City paid sick day bill

On March 20, Mayor Bill de Blasio signed an updated paid sick day bill affecting employers and employees in the five boroughs of New York City. It requires all employers of five or more employees to provide five sick days per year to employees. The new mandate is effective April 1, 2014.

Construction Committee advocacy

On March 10, members of The Business Council’s Construction Committee met in Albany to discuss the Governor’s proposal to require Project Labor Agreements (PLAs) in design-build project contracts over $10 million. Following the meeting, the group met with six members of the Senate Majority coalition to express opposition to the proposal and discuss the consequences of its enactment. The Business Council’s opposition memo is here.
Staff contact: Frank Kerbein

Bill memos - The legislative memo section on The Business Council’s website includes updated information on bills of interest and/or concern to members.

Regulatory Update

Please visit the The Business Council’s Regulatory Agenda page for more information

Political Update

Visit The Business Council’s Political Action Committee (PAC) page for information on upcoming PAC events.

Briefly Noted

Please note the following additional items of interest:

Second year of new exams

Beginning on April 1, students in grades 3 through 8 will take Common Core-aligned tests, marking the second year for exams based on the new standards. This will be the first year of Common Core-aligned exams for high school students, who will take the Regents exams in ELA and Algebra I on June 3.

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