This Week in Government Affairs
November 22, 2013

Legislative Update

Tax Reform Proposals
There are a number of proposals now on the table, and at least one additional report due (by 12/6/13) from Governor Cuomo’s tax reduction commission. Our overview of these proposals is available here. Comment themes include a push for residential property tax relief (such as a “circuit breaker”), restructuring of the state’s business tax code and broad-based business tax reductions, and an expedited phase-out of energy assessments. Please contact us if you would like additional details, or would like to discuss these proposals.
Staff contact: ken.pokalsky@bcnys.org

Wage Theft Reform
The Business Council testified before the Assembly Labor Committee this week, calling for a repeal of the annual notice requirement of the Wage Theft Prevention Act. This recurring compliance mandate imposes extra costs on all private sector employers, but provides no additional benefits to employees. Our testimony is available here. Employee advocates who testified largely called for increased Department of Labor enforcement staff, not a continuation of the annual notice mandate.
Staff contacts: ken.pokalsky@bcnys.org

Privacy Legislation
The Council also provided testimony this week to the Assembly Consumer Affairs Committee on privacy legislation, specifically the collection, use, and distribution of personal data by businesses and data brokers. The Council stressed the need for businesses to have access to the full range of online and mobile marketing tools in order to effectively communicate with customers, and raised concerns about state-level restrictions on technology and information use. Our testimony is available here.

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