Government Affairs Albany Update
November 18, 2011

Regional Economic Development Councils

All ten councils released their strategic economic development plans this week. These plans are intended to guide state support for regional development efforts over the next five years and, more immediately, will be the basis for awarding of up to $200 million in economic development assistance. All strategic plans are available on line here

The Regional Councils will be making formal presentations to Administration officials and a newly designated Review Committee the week after Thanksgiving in Albany. ESDC’s announcement on the review process for the $200 million in initial competitive awards is available here. We will circulate summaries of the regional plans early next week.

FY 2012-13 Budget Cycle Begins

State Finance Law requires the Administration and State Legislature to issue mid-November receipt and expenditure projections for the current and upcoming fiscal years. These “quick start” budgeting requirements are intended to precipitate advanced discussions on the state budget for the new fiscal year beginning April 1, 2012. The Executive Budget is due out Tuesday, January 17. To date, we have:

“Apples to apples” comparisons among these projections are difficult, because their data is presented in different formats. We are working on a tabular presentation on key findings, and will distribute it once we have the remaining legislative forecasts.