Government Affairs Albany Update
December 3, 2010

Legislative Update

The State Senate is due back in Albany next Tuesday, December 7, and will likely consider legislation appropriating additional federal education funding, among other issues.

Budget Watch

No Final Action on Deficit Bills. The Paterson Administration proposed several measures to reduce a projected $315 billion deficit in the current state fiscal year, including:

Regulatory Update

DEC Environmental Assessment Forms. The Department of Environmental Conservation is proposing amendments to its Environmental Assessment Forms, which are used in determining potential environmental significance under the state’s environmental quality review act (SEQRA), to require consideration of factors such as environmental justices, energy efficiency/climate change, “smart growth,” pollution prevention and other “emerging environmental issues.”  The Business Council’s Environment Committee will be reviewing and commenting on this proposal. Comments on the Full and Short EAF and supporting documents will be accepted by NYS DEC until close of business, February 18, 2011.

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