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July 16, 2010

ESDC Roundtable Presentation on Excelsior Job Creation Program

ESDC Chair Dennis Mullen continued his statewide forums to discuss the new Excelsior program with an Albany roundtable earlier this week. Their formal presentation is available here. Major points made by ESD included:

The Business Council welcomes member feedback on the new Excelsior program, as you complete your review of the new statute and the accompanying presentation from ESD.

Governor Introduces New Revenue Bill; Legislature Says “No Thanks”  

On Tuesday, July 13, Governor Paterson presented a revised draft to his proposed Revenue Budget Bill. The bill includes all the major provisions of his preceding draft, with the exception of the cigarette tax enacted as part of the Health budget bill, the sugary beverage tax, the new tax on out-of-state hedge fund managers, and authorization for wine in grocery stores. It also contains a revised public university empowerment plan, a four percent property tax cap, and a contingency plan for an anticipated denial of $1.06 billion in expected Federal FMAP (Medicaid) increases.

The Senate ended the legislative session without acting on the revenue bill adopted by the Assembly which did not include either a property tax cap or the public university empowerment language. The Governor produced the new bill in an effort to address the Senate’s concerns importance of and to finalize the SFY 2010-11 Budget process. The Senate and Assembly refused to accept the new draft, arguing that the time had long passed for the Governor to unilaterally amend his budget proposals.

The Business Council continues to support the wine in grocery stores initiative, and commends the Governor for attempting to reintroduce a meaningful property tax cap and the empowerment plan back into the discussion. The Business Council continues to oppose many of the measures in both the Governor’s and the Assembly bill, including the deferral of over $2 billion in investment and employment tax credits, the Brownfield credit claw-back, and other tax increases targeted at businesses.

Governor Signs Into Law Expansion of MWBE Procurement Legislation

Governor Paterson signed into law four measures intended to address MWBE disparities in government contracting that were identified within a comprehensive multi-year study and report commissioned by the New York State Department of Economic Development and released in April 2010. The four new laws include:

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