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May 28, 2010

Hazardous Waste Fees

As part of the financing package for state parks, the legislature has approved a restructuring of hazardous waste fees that will increase assessments on the state’s largest hazardous waste generators, and result in a net reduction of assessments for others. Overall, the proposal would increase assessments by 22 percent, or about $2 million, with the additional funds dedicated to the “Environmental Protection Fund.”  These provisions are in S.7988/A.11308 (provisions start on page 25, line 19 of the bill text.)

Specifically, the proposal would:

E-Waste Recycling Mandate

The “parks” legislation, S.7988/A.11308, also establishes a statewide electronics recycling mandate (see page 10, line 35 of the bill.)  Contrary to the bill’s hazardous waste fee provisions, these e-waste provisions had been subject to extensive industry input.

In general, the bill:

A more detailed description of the e-waste recycling program is available here.

Advocacy Continues on “Abusive Workplace” bill

The “bullying” bill,  A.5414 (Englebright) /S.1823 (Morahan), continues to require our attention. Here is the Business Council’s opposition memo.

Business Council staff met with Assemblyman Englebright’s staff for a second time this week to make the case for holding the bill in committee. Also, work continues to have businesses in his district visit the district office on Long Island to oppose this bill.

Business Council members all across the state should communicate with their Assembly Members that there are already sufficient protections for employees in the workplace on both the federal and state levels, that this legislation will increase the cost of operating a business in New York State and that it will work against businesses creating the hundreds of thousands of real private sector jobs needed to get employment levels back to pre-recession levels.

If added to our state labor law, this bill could make the employer responsible for the behavior of any employee that another employee considers offensive, hostile, threatening, derogatory or uncivil and could subject employers to an avalanche of litigation and exposure to liability for lost wages, medical expenses, emotional distress, punitive damages and attorney’s fees.

Cuomo Agenda

Earlier this week, Attorney General – and now Democrat gubernatorial nominee – Andrew Cuomo released “The New NY Agenda: A Plan for Action,” a broad-ranging agenda that included a number of Business Council priorities.

Overall, the “New NY Agenda” included:

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