2009 State of the State Summary

Governor Paterson's first State of the State address focused on the state of the economy, and New York's budget gaps, saying that, "the state of our state is perilous."

But he also described his blueprint for going forward and promoting economic recovery, which includes a mix of funding programs, regulatory approaches and some additional fees and assessments.  He stated his priorities as:

Having released his Executive Budget three weeks earlier, the Governor did not revisit financial issues to any great degree. In part, he said "many people assume that the only way to build that future is to spend more. I disagree. I believe we can rebuild our economy, improve our health care and education systems, and make the transition to clean energy — not by spending more, but by spending more effectively."

Specific issues and initiatives of interest to the business community include:

He also said he has received the preliminary report from the Commission on State Asset Maximization, which focused on opportunities to privatize state assets.

Several of these proposals were included in the Governor's Executive Budget proposal issued in mid-December, others would be the subject of separate legislative proposals or executive actions.