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January 9, 2009

Budget Summaries

Business Council staff has completed overviews of Executive Budget provisions regarding most major business-related issue areas. These summaries, and other budget related information. Additional summaries will be posted in the next several days. We urge you to contact the appropriate Business Council staff member with any questions or comments regarding the budget proposal.

Get Involved!

As the legislative season begins to heat up, we urge you to become involved in our advocacy efforts in those issue areas of greatest priority to your business. A list up upcoming Business Council committee meetings is available here. These committee meetings are open to all Business Council members. While typically there is no registration fee for committee meetings, we do request that you register on line if you plan on attending.

The complete hearing list is available here. Contact Clinton Freeman in the Assembly (455‑5491) for more information.

New Senate Leadership

With Senator Malcolm Smith's election  this week as Majority Leader, new Senate leadership positions and committee chairs were also announced. The complete list is available here. Some key appointments for business issues include:

State of the State

The full text of Governor Paterson's State of the State message is available on-line here. The Business Council's summary of the SOTS is available here.

In addition to stressing the “perilous” state of New York's economy, the Governor described his blueprint for going forward and promoting economic recovery, which includes a mix of funding programs, regulatory approaches and some additional fees and assessments. He stated his priorities as first, balancing the budget, and second, strengthen health care, schools, infrastructure and job creation.

Major recommendations include:

The Business Council's summary of the SOTS is available here.

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