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December 3, 2009

Legislature Passes DRP Bills; Significant Spending Reductions and Structural Reform Pushed Off

The Extraordinary Session convened by Governor Paterson on November 10 limped across the finish line yesterday, with the Legislature passing a variety of bills intended to close about $2.7 billion of this year's budget gap through a combination of spending cuts and fund transfers. It does not include any new or increased revenue measures. This deficit reduction package is less than the current year deficit projected by either Governor Paterson ($3.1 billion) or Comptroller DiNapoli (up to $4 billion). All bills were delivered to the Governor on December 2nd.

Spending Reductions Bill (A.40022/S.66022)

Sweeps Bill (A.40023/S.66023)

Tier V Retirement Bill (A.40026/S.66026)

Tax Amnesty Program Bill (A.40021/S.66021)

Meeting Reminder:  Joint Enforcement Task Force on Employee Misclassification to Present December 9

BCNYS members have the opportunity to hear from Task Force members on their efforts to increase compliance with state labor, tax and workers' compensation laws. Jennifer Brand of the NYS Department of Labor will be joined by colleagues from the Tax Department and Workers' Comp Board to discuss some of their more recent findings and to talk about their 2010 legislative agenda.

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