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May 1, 2009

Final State Financial Plan

The Division of Budget this week released its “Enacted Budget Report,” on the final FY 2010 state spending plan. In effect the updated “financial plan” sets forth the State's budgetary projections for FY 2010 through 2013 based on this year's enacted budget.

The report shows:

CO2 Legislation

The Senate is moving a significant greenhouse gas emission bill this week. S.4315/A.7572 would require the DEC to impose restrictions greenhouse gas emissions from any source, including but not limited to manufacturing facilities, power generation, commercial buildings and others. The Assembly version of this legislation is on the Assembly Calendar.

The Business Council strongly opposes expanded state-level regulation of CO2 emissions and other greenhouse gases, especially considering the possibility of federal action. Our memo in opposition is available here. We urge you to join us in our opposition to this legislation.

Governor Orders “Mandate” Reviews

Governor Paterson issued an Executive Order this week requiring state agencies to assess the impact of “mandates” on local government. Under its provisions, an agency proposing a regulation or legislation would have to determine their cost impact on local government, an assessment of its costs versus its benefits, and proposed sources of revenues by which such costs would be financed. It also requires agencies to reach out to local government for input in determining the potential cost of proposed regulations. Finally, it requires all agencies to review their regulations by the end of 2009, and provide a report to the Governor on any changes that could reduce the impact of existing mandates on local government and generate real property tax relief.

The Business Council has supported the Governor's call for a cap on real property tax increases, coupled with local government mandate relief, in order to reduce the real property tax burden on business.

The Business Council has also asked the Governor to consider a similar Executive Order addressing the impact of agency proposed legislation and rules on private sector business.

Business Council staff contact: ken.pokalsky@bcnys.org.

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