Following is The Business Council's End of Session Wrap Up. If you have any questions, you may contact the staff person mentioned for that particular subject at (518)465-7511.


“FIX WICKS” - Repeals project labor agreement (PLA) requirement in Wicks Law
S.8321 (Winner) / A11397 (Schimminger)
Senate Rules Committee; Assembly Labor Committee

Prevailing Wage Mandate on Off-Site Custom Fabrication
S.6797 (Marcellino) / A.6598-A (John)
Senate Third Reading Calendar; Assembly Third Reading Calendar

Waterfront Commission of NY/NJ Hiring Practices
S.182 (Alesi) / A.3593 (Farrell)
Senate Corporations, Authorities and Commissions Committee, Assembly Corporations, Authorities and Commissions Committee


Extension of and Enhancements to the Procurement Stewardship Act
S.8684 (Rules) / A.11738 (Destito)
Passed Both Houses
Delivered to the Governor June 25

Small Businesses Preferences
S.3581 (Flanagan) / A.6906 (Koon)
Passed Both Houses


Dividend Payments
S.7349 (Skelos) / A.10825 (Brodsky)
Passed Both Houses

Election of Directors
S.7350 (Skelos) / A.10824 (Brodsky)
Passed Both Houses

Shareholder Remote Participation
S.2152-B (Libous) / A.1350-B (Brodsky)
Senate Corporations Committee; Passed Assembly


Brownfield Tax Credits
S.8717 (Marcellino) / A.11768 (Rules @ Request of Sweeney)
Passed Both Houses

IDA “Reform”
S.8672 (Maziarz) / A.8703-a (Hoyt)
Senate Rules Committee; Passed Assembly

Tax Increment Financing
S.371 (Young) / A.2358-A (Schimminger)
Passed Senate; Assembly Ways & Means Committee


Zone Pricing of Gasoline
S.175-A (Alesi) / A.5701-A (Brodsky)
Senate Calendar; Passed Assembly

Utility Call Centers
S.2007 (Volker) / A.606 (Cahill)
Passed Both Houses

Liquefied Natural Gas Transportation Moratorium
S.6265 (LaValle) / A.9022 (Alessi)
Senate Transportation Committee; Assembly Calendar

Tax Abatements for Industrial & Commercial Work on Properties in New York City
S.6366-A (Padavan) / A.11586 Rules (Silver)
Passed Both Houses; Sent to Governor on 6/25/08

Streetcutter Prevailing Wage
S.7916-A (Padavan) / A.10774 (Gianaris)
Passed Both Houses

Greenhouse Gas cap
S.8390 (Morahan)
Senate Rules Committee


Brownfields Cleanup Program
S.8717 (Marcellino) / A.11768 (Sweeney)
Passed Both Houses

Electronics Waste Recycling
S.7563 (Marcellino) / A.8444-B (Sweeney)
Senate Rules Committee; Passed Assembly

RCRA/Chemical/Petroleum Bulk Storage
S.6055-A (Marcellino) / A.9019-A (Sweeney)
Passed Both Houses

Expanded Bottle Bill
S.5850-A (Marcellino) / A.8044-A (Sweeney) at request of the Governor
Senate Rules Committee; Passed Assembly

Greenhouse Gas Cap
S.8390 (Morahan) and A.10303 (Sweeney)
Senate Rules Committee; Passed Assembly

Cancer Incidence Mapping Program
S.1592-B (Libous) / A.1143-B (Brodsky)
Passed Both Houses


Martin Act
S.6037-B (Libous) / A.1369-B (Brodsky)
Senate Calendar; Assembly Calendar

Position of "Employees" for Blanket and Health Insurance
S.3964-C (Seward) / A.7120-B (Gianaris)
Passed Both Houses

Authorizes Issuance of Group Keyperson Life Insurance
S.5138-A (Seward) / A.7896-A (Destito)
Passed Both Houses

Mandated Disclosures Prior to the Sale of an Annuity
S.7005-A (Padavan) / A.10002-A (Carrozza)
Senate Calendar; Assembly Insurance Committee

Mortgage Lending
S.8143-A (Farley) / A.10817-A (Towns)
Passed Both Houses

One Year Moratorium on Mortgage Foreclosures
S.6724-B (Padavan) / A.9695-B (Brennan)
Senate Judiciary Committee; Passed Assembly

Would impose a year long moratorium on mortgage foreclosures.


Moratorium on Renegotiating Public Employee Retiree Health Benefits
S.6457-A (Farley) / A.9393-A (Abbate)
Passed Both Houses

Local Governments Trusts to Accumulate Assets for Other Post-Employment Benefits
S.8383 (Little)
Senate Rules Committee

Authorizes the State and Certain Local Governments to Establish Trusts to Accumulate Assets for Public Employee Post-Retirement Benefits
S.8384 (Johnson) / A.11411 (Rules: Abbate)
Senate Rules Committee; Assembly Governmental Employees Committee


Marketing Restrictions on Pharmaceutical, Medical Device Manufacturers
Governor's Program Bill #55
S.8556 (Rules) / A.11187 (Gottfried)
Senate Rules Committee; Assembly Codes Committee

S.2971-C (Maziarz) / A.7468-A (Gottfried)
Senate Health Committee; Assembly Third Reading

S.4741-A (Hannon) / A.10877 (Gottfried)
Senate Health Committee; Assembly Codes Committee

Small Business Health Insurance
S.3958-A (Seward) / A.10373 (Weprin)
Senate Finance Committee; Assembly Ways & Means

Timothy's Law Mandate Expansion
S.6818 (Morahan) / A.10078 (P. Rivera)
Senate Rules Committee; Assembly Insurance Committee

Product Labeling
S.6281 (Lanza) / A.9281-A (Titone)
Senate Rules Committee; Assembly Consumer Affairs & Protection Committee

Multiple Employer Trusts Community Rating Exception
S.8225 (Volker) / A.11176 (Schroeder)
Senate Rules Committee; Assembly Insurance Committee

Wellness Programs
S.4675-A (Hannon) / A.10884-A (Morelle)
Passed Both Houses

Health Insurance Premium Integrity Act
S.8354-B (Seward) / A.11680-A (Morelle)
Passed Senate; Assembly Rules Committee

Short-term Health Insurance Policies
S.8357 (Seward) / A.11485 (Morelle)
Passed Both Houses


Extension of Premium Differential Rate Cap for Group Coverage for Sole Proprietors
S. 7550 (Seward) /A. 10656 (Morelle)
Passed Both Houses

Healthy New York Eligibility
S.6385-A (Alesi) / A.395-A (Morelle)
Passed Both Houses


Paid Family Leave
S.5821 (Morahan) and A.9245 (Silver)
Senate Labor Committee; Assembly Labor Committee
Both have provisions of the Governor's Program bill # 28, introduced in 2007

Comparison chart with Federal Family Medical Leave
Other Paid Family Leave Information

Paid Family Leave
S.8428 / No same as
Senate Rules Committee

Restrict the Assignment of Overtime for Nurses
S.8637 (Morahan) / A.11711 (Gunther)
Passed Both Houses

State Level Plant Closing Notification Requirement (WARN)
S.8212 (Robach) / A.10847 (Eddington)
Passed Both Houses

Increase State Minimum Wage
A.9168-A (Silver)
Assembly Labor Committee

Increase Maximum Disability Insurance benefit
S.1952 (Leibell) / A.6927 (Nolan)
Senate Labor Committee; Assembly Labor Committee


Commission to Study and Make Recommendations on Fair Competition in Outdoor Recreation Industry
S.6835-B (Seward) / A.10123-A (Destito)
Passed Both Houses

Children's Product Safety & Recall Effectiveness Act
S.8297 (Fuschillo) / A.11316 (Pheffer) @ Request of the Governor
Passed Both Houses

“Jobs And Trade Act”
S.4786-A (Maziarz) / A.8567-A (Colton)
Passed Senate; Assembly Rules Committee

Use of Unemployment Insurance Wage Data by State Agencies
S.8206 (Robach) / A.10848 (John) @ Request of Department of Labor
Passed Both Houses


Real Property Tax Cap
S.8720-A (Rules)
Senate Rules Committee

RPT Circuit Breaker
S.1053-A (Little) / A.1575-A (Galef)
Senate Finance Committee; Assembly Ways & Means Committee

Financial Services ITC
S.8681 (Golden) / A.11736 (Rules @ request of Silver)
Passed Both Houses

Gramm-Leach-Bliley Transition
S.8633 (Rules) / A.11599 (Bing)
Passed Both Houses

S.8462 (Skelos) / A.11522 (Rules @ request of Morelle)  
Passed Both Houses


Net Regulation
S.7664-B (Maziarz) / A.11008 (Brodsky)
Passed Senate; Assembly Corporation and Authorities Committee


Expanding Recovery of Non-Economic Damages in Wrongful Death Action
S.1266 (DeFrancisco) / A.6420 (Weinstein)
Senate Judiciary Committee; Assembly Judiciary Committee

Prejudgment Interest on Personal Injury Cases
S.6365 (Senator Maltese 2007) Enacting Clause Stricken
Not Active in Current Season

Discovery of Evidence
S.5256-B (DeFrancisco) / A.8691-B (Lancman)
Senate Codes Committee; Passed Assembly

Circumventing Workers' Compensation
S.2065 (DeFrancisco) / A.6310 (Weinstein)
Senate Rules Committee; Assembly Third Reading Calendar

Giving Trial Lawyers More Than What Juries Award
S.7482 (DeFrancisco) / A.9157 (Weinstein)
Senate Rules Committee; Assembly Third Reading Calendar

 “Scaffold Law” Reform
S.4317 (Volker)
Senate Codes Committee


Reforms the Arcane Hiring Practices of the Waterfront Commission of NY/NJ
S.182 (Alesi)
Senate Corporations, Authorities and Commissions Committee;
Assembly Corporations, Authorities and Commissions Committee


Increase UI Benefits; Increase Taxable Wage Base
S.8718 (Rules) Governor's Program Bill #75
A.11642 (John)
Senate Rules; Assembly Ways & Means Committee

Changing the Method of Charging UI Benefits to Responsible Employers
S.8213 (Robach) / A.10849 (John)
Passed Senate; Assembly Rules Committee


Self Insured Groups
S.8708 (Rules) / A.11756 (John)
Passed Both Houses

Filing of Claims
S.7849 (Robach) / A.4128 (Perry)
Passed Both Houses

S.6416 (Rules)
Senate Labor Committee

Board Notification
S.8400 (Robach) / A.11700 (John)
Passed Both Houses

Lyme Disease
S.2038 (LaValle) / A.3897 (Brodsky)
Passed Both Houses

World Trade Center
S.8676 (Golden) / A.11730 (Rules @ Request of Silver)
Passed Both Houses