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Government Affairs Albany Update

May 9, 2008

Government Accountability

The Business Council has been calling for increased accountability and transparency in state budgeting, as a way to help get state spending under control. This week, the Senate announced a package of bills that would advance this agenda. Its “Accountability in Government Spending” plan would require: detailed, agency specific expenditure reports; a spending cap that would limit the growth in the state budget to the lesser of 120 percent of the Consumer Price Index or four percent; require all state agencies to develop long-term strategic plans and follow performance budgeting principles; and creation of a new Web site that would enable the public to review the performance of government programs, and submit reform recommendations.  The Senate's press release on this program, which includes a list of specific legislation in their accountability package, is available here.

Paid Family Leave Campaign Underway

Over twenty (20) visits to Legislators to discuss the current paid family leave proposals were made during the April 15th Annual Business Council HR Legislative Conference. On April 30th, five Business Council members made targeted visits to the offices of Senators Bruno, Robach, Morahan and Maziarz. During the week of May 11th, display ads opposing the paid family leave bills will begin in the Albany Legislative Gazette. Op-eds are also planned. Later next week, an electronic grassroots campaign will begin which will give businesses across New York State the opportunity to communicate their opposition to their local state Legislators as well as Legislative leaders in Albany. Business Council member companies and allied organizations will be receiving information on this program next week.

Participation in this campaign is critical in defeating the state paid family leave proposals.

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