Following is The Business Council's End of Session Wrap Up.
Issue Staff Contacts



Power for Jobs/Economic Development Power
S.5826-A (Wright) / A.9254 (Tonko) and S.6179 (Wright) / A.9255 (Tonko)
Passed both houses; Submitted to the Governor for approval.

Semetech Funding
S.6017 (Bruno) / A.8359 (Silver) @ request of the Governor
Passed both houses

“Upstate Now”
S.5953 (Bruno)
Passed Senate

IDA “Civic Facility” Authority
S.6333 (Rules) and A.9238 (Hoyt)
Senate bill passed Senate; Assembly bill passed Assembly

IDA Restrictions
A.8307 (Hoyt)
Passed Assembly


Article X
S.5908 (Wright); A.8697 (Tonko); S.6178 (Wright) / A.9001(Tonko) @ request of the Governor
S.5908 passed the Senate; A.8697 passed the Assembly; the Governor's proposal was not moved in either house.

Fuel Transmission Facility Security
S.6167-A (Skelos) / A.9086-A (Gianaris)
Passed both houses


Restrictions on Commercial TSDFs
S.5862 (Maziarz) / A.248-B (DelMonte)
Passed both houses

Great Lakes Compact
S.4324-B (Maziarz) / A.7266-B (Sweeney) @ request of Department of Environmental Conservation
Senate Calendar; Assembly Calendar

Climate Change Task Force
S.5427-A (Marcellino) / A.7367-A (Sweeney)
Passed both houses

Sea Level Rise Task Force
S.6118-A (Marcellino) / A.9002-A (Sweeney)
Passed both houses

Expanded Bottle Bill
S.3434 (Lavalle) and S.5850 (Marcellino) / A.8044 (Sweeney) @ request of the Governor
Senate EnCon Committee; Assembly Ways & Means Committee

Small Business Technical Assistance
S.5593 (Flanagan) / A.726 (Christensen)
Passed Both Houses

Environmental Protection Fund
S.5304 (Marcellino) / A.8339 (Sweeney)
Passed both houses


Healthy New York/Labor-Management Benefit Fund Demonstration Project
S.6316 (Maltese) / A.4859-D (John)
Passed both houses

MRI Mandate
S.4158-B (Skelos)
Passed Senate
A.7146-C (Rosenthal) (not same-as bills)
Referred to Assembly Insurance Committee

Healthcare Community Reinvestment Fund
S.6056 (Hannon) / A.8704 (Bradley)
Senate Rules; Assembly Insurance committees

Healthy New York Eligibility
S.6385 (Alesi) / A.395 (Morelle)
Passed Assembly; Senate Rules

Disclosure of Marketing & Educational Efforts by Drug Manufacturers
S.2971 (Maziarz) / A.7468 (Gottfried)
Passed Assembly; Senate Health Committee

Prohibition on Insurers' Right of Subrogation for Collateral Source Payments
S.5128 (DeFrancisco)
A.8364-A (Weinstein) (not same-as bills)
Senate Rules Committee; Assembly Rules Committee


Group Key Person Life Insurance Contracts
S.5138 (Seward) / A.7896 (Destito)
Passed Senate; Assembly Insurance


Waiver of striker's UI waiting period
S.654 (Marcellino) / A.1302 (Nolan)
Passed both houses

Express breast milk at work
S.5596 (Flanagan / A.1060 (Destito)
Passed both houses

IT “Outsourcing” Study
S.2377 (Leibell) / A.8284 (Bradley)
Passed both houses

Enhanced whistleblower protections
S.5655 (Leibell) / A.8405 (Brodsky)
Senate Rules Committee / A.8405 Assembly Labor Committee
A.9247 (Benedetto)
Passed Assembly

Paid Family Leave
S.5821 (Morahan)
Senate Labor Committee
A.9245 (Silver) (Not same as)
Passed Assembly

Increase maximum Disability Insurance benefit
S.1952 (Leibell) / A.6927 (Nolan)
Senate Rules / Assembly Ways & Means Committee

Limiting consecutive hours of work for nurses
S.6342 / A.1898-B (Gunther)
Senate Rules / passed Assembly


Installment Payments for Small Business
S.5628-A (Flanagan) / A.719-A (Christensen)
Passed both houses

Wicks Reform
S.6146-A (Rules) / A.9204 (John) @ request of the Governor
Senate Rules Committee; Passed Assembly


Budget Chapter Amendment Conversion from Article 32 to Article 9-A
S.6354 (Rules) / A.9253-A (Bing)
Delivered to Governor on June 27, 2007

Budget Chapter Amendment Grandfathered 9-A Effective Date
S.6340 (Rules) / A.9312 (Silver, et al.)
Passed both houses

Budget Chapter Amendment Conversion from Article 9-A to Article 32 and REITs/RICs
S.6335 (Farley) / A.9311 (Silver, et al.)
Delivered to the Governor on June 28, 2007

Budget Chapter Amendment Publicly-Traded REITs and RICs
S.6336 (Rules) / A.9313 (Silver, et al.)
Delivered to the Governor on June 28, 2007

Budget Chapter Amendment REITs, Gramm-Leach-Bliley, Articles 9-A & 32 Conversions, Multi-layered Passive Holding Companies
A.9294 (Farrell)
Assembly Calendar

Real Property Transfer/Community Preservation Tax
S.6271 (Leibell) / A.7849-B (Bradley) and S.4692 (Saland) / A.8217 (T.Gordon)
Passed both houses

Special Commercial Assessment Rate for Suffolk County
A.6753 (Sweeney)
Senate Rules Committee

Special Commercial Assessment Rate for Westchester County
A.6099 (Bradley) / S.3298 (Oppenheimer)
A.6099 Starred on Calendar; S.3298 Local Government Committee


Net Regulation
S.5124 (Leibell) / A.3980 (Brodsky)
Passed Assembly


Pre-Judgement Interest
S.6365 (Maltese)
A.8299 (Brennan) (not same-as bills)
Senate Rules; Assembly Judiciary Committee

Declaratory Judgment Action
S.6306 (DeFrancisco) / A.8363-A (Weinstein)
Passed both houses

Recovery Directly from Defendant by Plaintiff
S.2065 (DeFrancisco) / A.6310 (Weinstein)
Senate Rules Committee / Assembly Calendar


Charging of Unemployment Compensation Benefits to Employers
A.3626-A (John) / S.1624 (Maziarz)
Delivered to the Governor on June 22, 2007


Use of Pharmacies
S.6224 (Rules) / A.9170 (Gianaris)
Passed Senate only

Aggregate Trust Fund
S.6235 (Rules)
Senate Rules Committee