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Government Affairs Albany Update

February 23, 2007

Lobby Act Amendments
Staff Contact: Ken Pokalsky

The Senate has introduced, and will be acting on, legislation to implement the three-way agreement on Lobby Act amendments. S.2876 (Bruno) will be on the Senate Finance Committee agenda next Tuesday. This legislation is the same as A.3736-A (Silver), which passed the Assembly on February 14.

This package, announced in late January, would:

The legislation would also changes several registration and reporting requirements. For example, for entities that list the organization, rather than an individual, as the principal lobbyist on its biennial lobbyist registration, the bill will require the listing of all employees "employed in an organization's division that engages in lobbying activities." Also, once a lobbyist has filed its registration, it will have to file bimonthly reports in any year in which it reasonably anticipates earning or expending $5,000 for lobbying, rather than once it has actually exceeded that threshold.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions or comments.

Gubernatorial Appointments
Staff Contact: Ken Pokalsky

Several of Governor Spitzer's nominees will be acted on in the State Senate next week. On Tuesday, the Senate Finance Committee will be considering the following nominations:

The Committee meeting will be Tuesday, February 27 at 2pm in Room 124 of the State Capitol.

21-day Amendments to Executive Budget Revenue Bill Released

Governor Spitzer released the 21-day amendments (formerly 30-day amendments) to his Executive Budget revenue bill - S.2110/A.4310.

In addition to technical corrections, the amendments included the following changes of note: