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Government Affairs Albany Update

April 7, 2006

Assemblyman Gottfried introduces Working Family Party Job Killer Proposal

Assemblyman Dick Gottfried has introduced A.10583, a bill to force employers with 100 or more employees, to send $3 per hour per employee to the state to cover their workers health care costs. This does not only apply to businesses who don't offer health insurance coverage - it applies to all businesses. Businesses who do provide health insurance benefits would seek a rebate from the state based on "total health care expenditures made during the same tax year". Over 80 other Assemblymembers have co-sponsored the bill. Senator Nick Spano introduced the companion bill (S.7090) earlier in the year.

The Business Council is making the defeat of this bill - and others like it - one of the top priorities for the remainder of session. The Council has mobilized the chamber network against this proposal. These bills will be a prominent feature of The Business Council's 2006 Vote for Jobs Index.