ISSUE IN BRIEF: Key Budget Issues


Business Council Budget Priorities - The Business Council will be applying three key measurements when the 2004-05 budget is adopted:

Much has been made of Albany being dysfunctional and needing government reform. As The Business Council has said repeatedly, it is the results that matter.

Our members have said loud and clear that they want an on-time state budget that restrains spending and avoids tax hikes. These measures will be part of our 2005 Vote for Jobs New York Index (see Many members of the legislature have asked us this year how they can improve their index from 2004. Positive results on these three budget measures will go far to ensure improvement.

The Business Council supports adoption of a 2005-2006 fiscal year State budget with no delay in the phase-out of 2003-enacted tax increases, and no other tax increases.

Provisions of 2006 FY Executive Budget Revenue Bill S.995A/A.1925A - Some provisions in the Governor's Executive Budget are tax hikes and should be rejected.

In addition, The Business Council supports phase-out of 2003-enacted tax increases and opposes adoption of other broad-based tax increases.