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Government Affairs Albany Update

May 26, 2005

Anti-Outsourcing Legislation

The State Senate has quickly moved anti-outsourcing legislation to the Senate floor; passing it out of the Senate Labor committee on Monday. It will is currently on 3rd Reading on the Senate calendar.

Bill Text, S.5427 (Maziarz)
There is no Assembly counterpart as of yet.

The bill requires that, effective 90 days after its passage, all state contracts valued at more than $250,000 shall require that "labor and services" paid for under such contracts, or any subcontracts awarded under such contracts, be performed within the U.S., unless the Commissioner of Labor and State Comptroller certify that the service "cannot be provided by a contractor or subcontractor within the U.S."

It also requires the state to review current contracts to determine the extent to which services under those contracts are performed outside the U.S.

The Business Council is strongly opposed to this legislation. Given the state's prominent role in international commerce, we believe it is contrary to the state's long-term economic health to be erecting artificial barriers to international trade.

If this affects your NYS procurement interests, you are encouraged to contact your Senate members ASAP. It would also be appreciated if you could provide us with specific information on how this legislation could affect your New York State procurement activities.

Passenger Rail Update

A representative from the U.S.D.O.T. has been invited to the June 15, 2005 Transportation Committee meeting to discuss the administration's Passenger Rail and Reform Act, the proposal that will reinvent Amtrak and national passenger rail service. Join us for this interactive session about this important topic.